This page will help you get started with Sky Encoder. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

The Sky Encoder API is designed around REST with the goal of providing predictable URLs and responses. JSON is used in all communications with clearly defined error flags and messages.


To authenticate with the Sky Encoder API you provide your account API Token and Secret Key values as HTTP Request Headers. You can find both values on the "Your Account" page under the API heading.

curl -H "SE-Secret-Key: YOUR-SECRET-KEY" -H "SE-API-Token: YOUR-API-TOKEN"
require './lib/SkyEncoder.php';
$sky = new SkyEncoder('your-secret-key', 'your-api-token');


Error handling with the Sky Encoder API is simple. All responses are formatted as below:

  "msg":"Your error message is listed here.",

Errors are always indicated with a value of "1" while successes are indicated with "0". A simple, human-readable error message is always provided. If additional information is available for the error, it will be provided in the "data" attribute.